söndag 6 mars 2011


Was a while since we updated the blog, so here's some pics from Gameartisans.org's Sackboys Mini Challenge! The theme was free, just had to include the sackboy design somehow :)
200 Tris cap etc.

söndag 16 januari 2011

Christmas Cards

We've made a tradition of drawing our own christmas cards to friends living far away, and giving them different game or popcultural themes, depending on what that person likes. Though it proper to show last years xmascards, and some older ones too, since some of you might not have seen them and might find them amusing! So, here they are. A bit late maybe, but hey, just 11½ months left to christmas now.

And some older ones, from 2008/2009.

Woo. In other news, the new half-sceret sculpting-projects goes on.. the first of two characters is almost done, and some props and stuff for the base is also done... look forward to it ;D

torsdag 6 januari 2011

Kara and Criid maquettes, all done.

Yup, here they are, the second two clay figures, mounted on a base, painted and done! :O Kara Swole and Tona Criid, of Eisenhorn/Ravenor-series and Gaunt's Ghosts series fame.

And some pictures of the back:

A lot harder to sculpt ladies than gents, you can't cover all the stuff you mess up in a beard xD
But still, we're pretty pleased with the result. A good thing with these is the way we, mostly, managed to capture the material of the different clothes and gear with the paint.. leather looks like leather, fabric like fabric, etc... although there's a lote of stuff there we would've liked to fix. But that's life, ain't got no undo button with these things, and we just have to learn from our mistakes and use that experience next time. Started sculpting on the next one yesterday, Inquisitor Eisenhorn. He won't be done until after the deadline for the project though, and that's because he looks like this:
Insaaaaneee~ But as of today., the boots are done, atleast xD With some luck, I'll finish the pants and the belt today too.

It's hard to paint 30cm sculpts when your used to 32 mm warhammer ones.. a lot of tricks you can't get away with in the bigger medium. But there's also a lot of cool stuf you can do with these that you won't be able to do on 32 mm ones. You have to turn the model around a lot and paint from different angles, it looks like this:

Red Viking beard of hard work excluded.

Our next sculpt project will be something video game-related, the first piece will be called "It's only Rock n' Roll but I like it", which characters do you think it will feature? ;)

tisdag 21 december 2010

WIP Update before Christmas :)

Here's a small update before christmas, when we'll be pausing our work because of the holidays.
The sculpts are almost finished, but we're not quite there yet!

The actual sculpey sculpts are spray-painted black but other than that they're also paused at the moment :)

fredag 17 december 2010

Some new stuff.. and some WIP

Some people have been asking us what we're doing these days, and now we've finally got permission to show some of the stuff we've been working on lately, it actually hasn't been a part of the before mentioned and featured Dan Abnett-project, but something else entirely. We were asked to help out with some props for the ongoing game project Sanctum, and seeing that one of my best friends is one of the guys behind the game we agreed to help them out a bit, a really nice experience! Here's some of the stuff we've been creating lately, no normal maps och specular on these since they said they'd fix that later, but still, looks kinda cool right?

Also, we've just started sculpting on the second characters of our current project, Kara Swole and Tona Criid in zbrush. The clay figures are done and we're gonna start painting them soon, but atm, we're fousing on fixing the brush-sculpts before christmas and then our goal is to paint these two sculptures and, hopefully to start sculpting on the third and last character.

Here's two decent pictures of the clay sculpts:

 Too bad both their legs warped and broke a bit due to the weight of the sculpts, but that's life in the world without ctrl+z.

And here's the first two WIP pictures of these two ladies in zbrush.

We'll probably finish both of them this weekend, or someday early next week, so look forward to that d(Ô_Ô)b

torsdag 2 december 2010

Mkoll and Corbec in Zbrush 3D

And now for something....completely different.
However, quite alike still.
Here are some prints of Mkoll and Corbec done in Zbrush!
Not quite done yet, but almost, some tweaks and fixes left to do.

This is actually the 2nd Zbrush sculp we've ever done, I'm not counting the Magnet Ball girl seeing that was mostly Maya highpoly modeling :P
I do intend to practice more in the program, seeing it's so damn cool!

They're about 60 million polys each btw O_O O_O

Here are both the guys in their front views:

Corbec Front

Mkoll Front

We made them in zBrush staring from this standard boxman.


And then we boxmodeled the rest of the gear and imported it into zBrush as we went.

A shot of the gear ready to be imported into zBrush, I dunno if this is the best way to do it but it worked out kinda fine. Just modeled everything without thinking about keeping it low and when I nailed the form it went into zBrush.

And here are some shots of the guys in all perspectives and some details shots on the gear. Crobec first, Mkoll below.

 Corbec Right Side

 Corbec Left Side
Corbec Back

Corbec Chestplate Detail

Tanith Straight Silver (we made both our fromk the same base, keeping the standard issue feel)

Corbec Pauldrons and Face

Corbec's Lost Finger! 

Corbec's gun.
A bigger satchel.

Mkoll from here:

Mkoll Right Side
Mkoll Back

Mkoll Left Side

Mkoll's face - this was really hard to sculpt from the boxman seen above! Not completely satisfied with it, but hey, one learns by doing.

Hand, gloves, bandage webbing.

Mkoll's straight silver, as said above, we built thme from the same base to keep the regimental standard issue, but we changed them to make them indivudeal afterwards.

 Mkoll's gun.

Radio, grenades etc.

And som satchels.

Next time maybe they're completly.....complete :P might wanna try polypainting aswell, we'll see.